3 Ways To Increase Your Vertical Jump


One of the most common sports that comes to mind when thinking of having a high vertical jump is basketball. Being able to jump high in this sport is obvious. You can defend better by blocking shots and more importantly, you can slam dunk the ball when the time arises. Even if your vertical jump is not so great now, there’s hope for everyone as most people simply don’t work on the right muscles to help increase their vertical jumping ability.

It’s obvious to say that to increase your vertical jump you need to work on your leg muscles. You need to combine both strength and speed as both will aid in improving your vertical jumping ability. Even jumping rope can help exercise your quads and calves and you can do that from the comfort of your home.

Being as slim as possible is another thing people can improve upon. If you’re overweight then you’re going to need that much more strength to carry the weight against gravity. Losing weight and eating a healthy diet are also important in improving your vertical leap.

If you can, join a gym where you’ll have access to heavy weights and machines that can aid in strengthening your leg muscles. Combing squats and clean and jerk lifts will help build strength to your quads and hamstrings while calf raises will build up your calves.

It’s important you find a good program to follow because you don’t want the work involved to either go to waste or focus on the wrong parts of your legs if you don’t know what you’re doing. Following a specific program that is designed to increase your vertical jump is recommended. Stay focused, strengthen your legs, and visualize success and you too can increase your vertical jump quickly.

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