Acai Berries – A Source of Antioxidants


As we get to know more about the different things that have negative or positive effects on our bodies – and dietary science is a fast-developing field – we start to find out things that we thought we knew are, if not wrong, then incomplete. If you had asked just about anyone what antioxidants were ten years ago, they wouldn’t have known. For that time, and before, we have found ourselves sticking to supposed rules on what was good for us – but in actual fact, we were being misled.

Acai Berries are an excellent source of antioxidants. So what are antioxidants exactly? Well, they are a nutrient that is contained in a lot of fruit and vegetables – sometimes in large amount, sometimes less so – which have proven and extensive health benefits. These benefits range from increased energy levels which are perfect for keeping at bay “the crash” which makes you feel exhausted and weak in the middle of the day, to a known effect on the immune system, which allows you to keep at bay infections and recover more quickly.

Antioxidants are becoming more prominent as a selling point for manufacturers of health food and for companies who previously gave very little consideration to their benefits. A great number of people swear by them, but a lot of foods which sell themselves as a source of antioxidants contain a limited amount. With Acai berries that is not a problem. They genuinely are packed with this magical ingredient which makes you feel better and helps you lose weight.

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