Jump Higher In Just 2 Weeks


For almost all sports, having a solid vertical jump is very important. Obviously basketball and perhaps athletic competitions like long jumping or high jumping come to mind but even sports like Tennis or volleyball require strong vertical jumping abilities. Athletes who have a less-than satisfactory vertical jump can vastly improve their game simply by using techniques designed to increase vertical jumping.

Imagine being tall but not being able to dunk a basketball? What about some basketball players who are under six feet tall who CAN dunk? Many people simply haven’t developed the right muscles or areas of muscles to increase their vertical jump. Following a tried and tested routine to increase vertical jump would allow you to jump higher even in as little as 2 weeks.

To increase your vertical jump you need to target certain muscles but do so with a particular training regimen so you achieve the best results quickly. Strengthening your quads and hamstrings, as well as your calf mucles, can begin with simple lunges, squats, step ups and so on. Thrust ups and calf raises can help you gain strength but you also want to increase speed as well as power for an effective combination.

You want to improve the flexibility of your hip flexors, muscles, and tendons which will aid in increasing your vertical jump. Going to the gym is probably the best place to build strength. Exercises such as clean and jerks and other power lifts are also important.

So, if you’re looking to increase your vertical jump in a relatively short period of time, the two most important factors are: having a good routine to follow and doing the exercises required. Discipline and nutrition are also important. Think positive, have a solid plan, and follow through and in 2 weeks you should see dramatic increases in your vertical jump.

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