Solid Vertical Jump Exercises That Work


If you’re tired of not being able to increase your vertical jump then this article will help you by offering techniques and exercies that work. Many products these days are claiming to increase your vertical jump by as much as 10 inches and the reality is, it’s very possible. If you focus and work on strength exercises, there’s no reason not to increase your vertical jump.

There are a few programs online that provide training on improving your vertical jump and many of those programs come from actual athletes and even advice from other trainers who are reknown for their strength training. You want to not only incorporate certain exercises but also nutrition to feed your muscles as well as kinesiology and even obtaining the right attitude.

Your training should involve not only exercising your legs, e.g. your quads and calves, but also what’s called plyometrics. You want to improve the strength of your quads and hamstrings but your calves also play an important role in increasing your vertical jump.

The intensity of your workouts should start low while gradually building up to more intense exercises over the course of a month. Resting between exercises is recommended to allow your muscles to recover but over the course of 2 weeks to a month you will want to increase reps until you feel an increase in strength and vertical jumping ability.

Finding the right program is essential as you want to learn from not only the best, but from those who actually understand the physics behind increasing your vertical jump. Stay focused and determined and follow the course and you’ll be amazed at how you can increase your vertical jump in as little as 2 weeks.

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